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I understand that for today's generation of women, who have often spent years building successful careers, becoming a mother and then sustaining that career can be full of challenges. Maternity Matters works with women who want to learn how to make their whole experience of maternity leave and the return to work, a positive one. Through reasonably priced group classes and individual coaching, we aim to give women the strength, skills and confidence to empower themselves and ensure motherhood actually makes them even more successful in their careers. We celebrate the skills women acquire when they have a child and help them transfer some of those skills back into the workplace. We run independent, small and intimate 'Maternity Returner' classes with the option of follow up coaching from London based venues. We also work with organisations, running classes, workshops and offering coaching, for their employees and managers. With the approaching changes in UK law, there will also be an optional section in our classes, covering Paternity Leave and the challenges parents and organisations may now face. Where relevant, we can also offer 'Paternity' coaching and support for working fathers who decide to take the leave now available to them and care for their child, whilst the mother returns to work. If you are interested as an individual or as an organisation, please view our Services and Fees section, where you will find more details, including sample class content. Alternatively get in contact directly- sarah@maternity-matters.co.uk Let us help make the lives of working mothers easier!
Sarah Gerth

Sarah Gerth

Sarah Gerth, Maternity Returner Specialist and Coach

I have worked in HR for 14 years, in large financial institutions across the globe including HSBC, ANZ and Commerzbank. I have a CIPD qualification(specialising in UK employment law, coaching and training) and have supported and coached many women through the 'maternity leave' process over the years. I am due to complete my Executive Coaching qualification during 2015. Returning to work after having a baby is tough and I have come to realise that women need help empowering themselves and making the experience better, rather than relying on the organisation they work for to do this. I have a little boy and also know how difficult balancing a career and motherhood can be. This is why as part of our class content, we do a section giving tips on how to get that elusive balance and also cover the challenge of maintaining a good relationship with your partner when you are both working.


  • Coming from a small company with no maternity policy, I had no idea what my rights were or how to negotiate my return to work. Sarah was such a huge help, breaking it down and giving me the confidence to speak to my boss about the various options that were available. Maternity Matters is a wonderful organisation that helps women work out how best to return to the workplace without compromising their time at home.
  • Top job on your class today. There is certainly lots that women can be doing to promote themselves back into the workplace and thanks for advising us on this. You are leading the way in terms of women making things work for themselves, without having to just rely on the organisation.
  • Thanks to Sarah Gerth with her Maternity Returner Class. I am armed with the knowledge that I need to go back into the work place. I also don't feel so daunted by the prospect any longer.
  • I felt much more on the ball after the class Sarah. I had a meeting with my boss and now feel more in the loop, plus have a strategy to use KIT days.
  • A very big well done to our friend Sarah Gerth for sharing her knowledge with Bump Class today. I wasn't there but I heard you knocked it out of the park. If every woman helped each other the way you have today, how amazing would that be?
  • I found the section on empowering yourself through the maternity leave process particularly useful, as it focussed on the positives and the transferable skills gained from motherhood and maternity leave. Sarah was very personable and her years of experience in HR really showed. The class has helped me prepare for my return and the advice on negotiating flexible working hours was invaluable.
  • The Equal Opportunities Commission found that more than 70 percent of pregnant
    women felt they were being treated unfairly at work. This is why we started Maternity Matters- to help these women!
  • In 'How To Be A Woman' by Caitlin Moran, she argues 'give a new Mother a sleeping child for an hour and she can achieve 10 times more than a childless person.
  • Research found working Mothers spend 25 percent of their waking hours worrying they are bad Mothers or feeling guilty for working.
  • In 1975 only 40% of Mothers worked compared with 67 percent today.


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At Maternity Matters we work with organisations to increase the retention rate and engagement of valued employees who are going through the maternity experience. By working on a comprehensive, yet cost effective basis with your organisation we can help make the time leading up to maternity leave more productive for your employees and ensure your line managers properly support your expectant mothers, during this often stressful period of their careers. By offering classes and individual coaching classes as required, Maternity Matters can effectively support organisations in close collaboration with existing HR resources.

Our 360 degree programme has three key components:

1: Regularly scheduled Maternity Matters seminars/classes covering for women at all levels within your organisation

2: One on one skype call/ follow up with participants (Manager or Employee) where requested

3: Manager training [seminar/ classes or one on one] on best practices before, during and post maternity leave.

With a clear grasp of how the Human Resources Department operates within broader organisations, Maternity Matters is well placed to work closely with your organisations’s HR team to ensure your Maternity Processes achieve both a cultural as well as financial benefit, that is measurable and cost effective.




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